PERI Survey


PERI is now conducting an on-line survey is to determine the performance needs and goals of the application projects. The survey is located at If you are leading an application that needs performance help, please take 30 minutes and fill it out!


The SciDAC Performance Engineering Research Institute has three main thrusts:

  • application modeling and performance prediction;
  • automated performance tuning; and
  • direct engagement with SciDAC application projects.
The initial PERI engagement activity was a survey of the SciDAC application teams. The primary goal of the survey is to capture information that can be used to guide the other application engagement activities, ensuring that realistic SciDAC performance priorities are met. The survey consists of three main sections: project contact information, performance issues, and code characteristics and structure. The code characteristics and structure are essential for designing automated performance tuning support. In addition, they can shape the form of performance models. Finally, characteristics common across many of the applications, such as the use LAPACK, indicate opportunities to improve performance of many applications with one focused effort.

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